Sunday, 29 January 2012

What is your personal mantra?

I think that it is important when coming to acceptance of yourself it cannot just be about your physical looks, it needs to happen internally as well. It is great to look beautiful on the outside, but if you are still engaged in the internal struggle of self hatred then you still have a ways to go to achieve peace. I would like to share with you one of the tools I use to help me silence the nagging feelings of doubt. I use a personal mantra.

A mantra comes form Sanskrit and means " a tool/instrument of thought". It can be sounds, syllables, words or groups of words that are repeated with the goals of creating " a positive transformation".
You can say them allowed or voiced internally.  How I use the mantra is I think of something positive about myself and will repeat it several times, almost like a chant to help me feel better about myself, or even a situation I might be in. Think of it as positive self talk.
                                                     Some ideas you could use:
                                                  - I look beautiful today
                                                  - My opinion matters
                                                  - Someone loves me just the way I am
                                                  - I have wonderful friends who support me
                                                  - I am more then numbers on a scale
 Find what works for you and  believe in the power those words hold. You may need to say them several times to gain strength from the mantra and to push past the negative thoughts. It will take some practice, but it can be a tool to banish the negative self talk that comes far too easily to most of us.

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