Sunday, 26 August 2012

So you have discovered you are fat. Now what does this mean?

When did you first find out you were plus sized, fat, big boned, voluptuous, or curvy? You choose which adjective best describes how you feel about your size and ponder that question. Now your probably asking yourself  "what is she talking about? I just need to look down and  know how big I am". I can look down all I want but since I was 13 I have not seen anything past my breasts.  I only see my feet when I am sitting in my chair. Then the next response would be.." I can tell how big I am by looking in the mirror". That maybe be true, but let's be honest here, the mirror is just a reflection not a definition of who your are. No, if you are like most women (or men) you determined just how fat (or thin) you are by judging and comparing yourself with others. Whether it is from your peer group, what you see on television or just random strangers, you compare yourself to your own standard of beauty. How many of us have walked into large gathering and start to compare our bodies to other women, to scan the crowed to see if maybe there is someone larger then we are? How many of us pull in our unsuspecting husbands into our poor self esteem issues and say to them "Honey is she bigger then me"? Okay maybe that  last one is just me. I have someone in my life who actually uses my weight as a stepping stone to build their own self esteem. They feel better about themselves because my pants are a size larger then theirs.  My message here is an easy one to say but a hard one to follow:

                            STOP COMPARING YOUR SIZE TO OTHER WOMEN. 

Told you it is easy for me to say, hard for all to follow. Embrace the beauty that is uniquely you. Don't compare yourself because you are smaller or larger then someone. Be the best person you are mean't to be. Learn to accept yourself the way you are, change the things that make you unhappy, love the life you are given and whenever you are feeling down, make a baby laugh! Trust me, once you are rewarded by giggling baby nothing else compares. And most of all remember:
                            WEIGHT IS A NUMBER, NOT A PERSONALITY TRAIT