Thursday, 12 January 2012

DiStOrTeD BoDy ImAgE

I have always had difficulty knowing what size I am. How difficult can that be, surely I can tell by just looking in a mirror. Unfortunately for me, and I know I am not alone, have had difficulty in recognizing my body shape.  I have a tendency to make myself larger then I am. I admit that when I am out with my (ever sweet and patient) husband I will choose random women and ask "am I bigger or smaller" then she is. Poor sweet man and the pressure I have put on him. But what I have found is that I have a tendency of making myself larger then what I am. I have found a website called  My body Gallery. This website allows you to input all your stats, height, weight, pant size, shirt size and body type, search the site and it will find pictures of women with those same stats. The goal of the site is to allow women to have an accurate reflection of what women look like, all women.  

 To quote My Body Gallery.."We are all different in our body shape and size as well as our place in our journey to loving our bodies exactly as they are, not as we (or others) think they should be.
It is a place for us to be kind to others and ourselves."

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  1. Gibby you said going to that website would make me feel better!!! Yikes....well perhaps it'll bring about some motivation. That's it! I'm buyin a treadmill. LOL