Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Things that frustrate me about my plusness

So a little time to vent here. A few weeks ago I went and had my physical done by a nurse practitioner. This was my first visit so I anticipated that a conversation would ensue about my weight. ( I have been the same size for the last 10 years). I knew that as a medical professional she would stress to me the importance of healthy eating, exercise and losing weight. I was not disappointed. I could have done the lecture verbatim before she even spoke. I agree that all of those things she suggested are for my optimal wellness. She wanted me to have some blood work done because of the risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and she made the assumption that I would have at least something wrong with me. Yesterday I went to get the results of my blood work. As she is reviewing my lab results, something unexpected for the nurse practitioner blood work was perfect. She was shocked, some of my levels were actually better then the recommended levels. She then looked at me and told me she was not about to validate my bad habits just because of some blood work. This is what steamed me..she made an assumption that because of my size I must eat unhealthy. That I must be home stuffing my face with cookies and cakes and not moving from the couch. Do I always eat what I should, do I exercise enough? Probably not, but I do in fact do exercise and try to eat healthy. I absolutely have bad habits, I cannot give up coca-cola, but I also take pride in my appearance and strive to what is best for my body. I think it is important no matter what your size is to exercise. PLUS SIZE does not necessarily equate with lazy unhealthy habits. I have included some wellness tips I use. I am not a medical professional so I recommend that you contact your doctor to help you to stay well.

CURVY PLUS ME - Tips for better health

1. Watch out for emotional eating or eating when you are bored. This has been my downfall in the past. You have a bad day and sometimes you seek comfort in food. My suggestion is to call a friend, vent on facebook, write in a journal do something active.
2. Try a glass of water first! Sometimes hunger pangs are actually signs you are dehydrated. Have some water and see if the feelings of emptiness are gone.
3. Exercise when you can. You have a hectic life with trying to balance work, family, and all the other expectations the world has for you. Not everyone can afford to go to the gym. Walk 30 minutes a day, take the stairs when you can, try going to see a person in the office rather then sending an email. One of my favourite exercises is turning on 80's music and dancing around the house. Cleaning the house and sex both count as forms of exercise and if you are really talented maybe you can combine the two.
4. Talk to a dietician to find out what you should be eating. You don't want to go to extremes from maybe eating too much to eating not enough at all.
5. STOP BEING YOUR WORST ENEMY. No more self depreciating, no self loathing or hating. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Develop your self esteem, be proud of who you are right now. Don't utter this sentence.."When I lose ten pounds"..why do that to yourself. Don't allow your weight to ever stop you from achieving your dreams.


  1. I love this...a person's exterior does not always reflect health or lack there of. Good on you for supporting all of us of all shapes and sizes.

  2. the nurse was wrong to berate you based on your size..I would point out to her that you can be healthy and not be a tooth pick..real women have curves!! I lost the weight and gained diabetes...something wrong there right?? everyone says that makes no sense at all...but it happened..

  3. well said Tracy! Doctor's (and the like) all too often make assumptions based on outer appearance, and also seem to have that very unbelieving look if you try to tell them you do exercise and eat healthy. It really isn't fair. Now if only they would read this blog...

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  5. I was thin for 30 years. Then my thyroid died. (Hashimoto's disease) No matter how much they deny it, there IS a difference in how people treat you. I'm sick of those super skinny chicks complaining how they can't gain weight, when their calorie intake for the day is a small salad at lunch left half-eaten and one chocolate bar at night. (consumed in front of me at the end of the day when I'm maxed out on cals.) The ones I know are skinny for a reason - malnutrition.