Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I will...

I will love myself, my whole self, the flaws, perceived imperfections all that makes
I will make love with the lights on and be worshiped as voluptuous and worthy
I will not wear black to hide my curves
I will get a sexy little black dress that emphasizes my cleavage
I will not attempt to wearing clothing that will "draw the eyes to my face"
Feel free to check out my ass
I will not eat to fill my soul..I will eat to feed my hunger
I will savour is not my enemy, it nourishes my body
I will not devalue or demean myself because I am plus sized
I will not allow you to do it either!
I will take care of myself, my whole being
I will dance if the mood moves me..even if I am the only one who hears the music
I will hug more, cry less
I will never again ask the question.."does this make me look fat?" because I don't care what the answer is