Friday, 10 February 2012

Sometimes I have to ask WTF?!?

I am trying to understand why some fashion designers don't want my money. Why they stop their lines at a size 12 or occasionally, as if they are doing me a personal favour, a size 16. I am confused because I thought that besides being able to express themselves creatively, they want to make a profit. I thought that I should do my job to enlighten them about a "huge" opportunity they are missing out on.

Why Designer Should Embrace my Curves!!

1. I have money to spend. I am a professional woman with a reasonably good income. Last time I checked skinny money was the same as fat.
2. There are more women my size. We are everywhere!
3. Plus sized shoppers are loyal. If you have a good product, well made, we will stick by you. We will follow you on facebook/twitter, your choice of social networking. We will share your sales and encourage our friends (see point 2) to shop there as well.
4. We like clothes. Most plus size women I talk to have the same problem that I have..too many. If I find something I like that fits, I probably will buy two of them in different colors for fear that I may not find it later.

Now that being said (please feel free to comment and add your own), let's address some of the designers who try to design for the plus size of me

1. I don't need large, shapeless clothes with fabrics from the cutting room floor made into ugly moo moos. I want fresh vibrant fabrics, tailored to fit my body correctly.
2. I want models I can identify with like my current girl crush Tess Munster. When she models clothes, I can visualize myself in them.
3. Give me lots of options. Some women don't like fabric that clings to the body, other women do..lets accommodate all!
4. Provide correct measurements..for instance don't just put as a description on a pair of boots as "wide calf", whose wide calf are we referring to?

A thank you to the companies that have listened, responded and designs clothes that I want to wear and feel good wearing. I hope to continue to showcase them on my blog.  I have noticed a slow gradual change with an increase in more options for the plus sized woman, but I believe more change needs to happen.

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  1. Brilliant, as always! And the "wide calf" issue... too true! I LOVE boots, but can never find any to fit me. So sad.