Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tess Munster

The journey to body acceptance is not easy, it is ongoing with no real destination. What I mean is as much as you try to love myself, there are always going to be challenges, days when self hate rears its ugly head and you have to start again. But you don't have to make the journey alone. If you are lucky you can find a role model, some one you look to who has embraced themselves and show you a world of possibilities.
 For me that person is Tess Munster, plus sized model and activist for empowerment of all women.
She is vibrant, sexy, non apologetic and a person I would like most to emulate in my quest for positive body acceptance. Her story is not without pain or struggle in becoming a plus sized model, but that is what helps me to identify with her. She has faced criticism from people in her life who are suppose to love her the most, not only to overcome, but succeed.  Her strength of character is just as beautiful as the face she shows to the world.

Tess modeling for Sealed with a Kiss Designs

I wrote to her to thank her for showing me that beauty does not have a size and she took the time to write me back with some beautiful encouraging words.

Tess Munster- Facebook Pictures
To quote Mae West...." the best way to learn to be a lady is to see how other ladies do it". Tess shows you how to do it, how to do it well and there is nothing stopping you for doing it too!


  1. thank you! How very sweet of you! I would love to share this on my page!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read it Tess and of course feel free to share it. You are an inspiration to women no matter what their size.