Sunday, 5 February 2012

Kiyonna Clothing - Stylish Plus Size Women's Apparel

When I first started on my journey of loving my body, just the way it is, I wanted to dress to celebrate it. In order to do that I needed to look at my clothes and see what kind of statement I was trying to make. The statement I was making then was "camouflage body under layers of fabric". There was no definition, no joy, no self esteem  in my clothes. I did not want to make an impact. I did not want to be noticed. As my mind set changed I started looking at different  on line sites to help me find my way. I found Kiyonna, and they helped me to look my best. If you are not familiar with Kiyonna, they are an american based company from Anaheim California. They do have an actual store front, but for me on line was my only option. Their goal is "to make your feel amazing". Specializing in sizes from  0x-5x, there is always someone to help you get the right fit, size and style. They have made a positive impact on this woman's life! If you register with them you get 20% off your first order, insight to new products and sales and even a special birthday discount. One of my favourite features is the Real Curve Cuties. You look at real women in your size range, including height, to give you an idea of how the clothing might look on your body. The clothing is well made, stylish, going from everyday to formal wear. For me it started with a coat from their sales section and has progressed to several pieces I can wear on the week end or to work. One of the fun features about Kiyonna is they love to play games with their fans to win gift certificates or clothing. Maybe I am little bias, I actually won a dress from one of the games played over the holidays. Explore the site yourself, feel free to ask questions and you will get a personalized  answer because they truly care about the women they dress.

The coat that started my love affair with
Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress
I am 5'3 and the dress is 2x


  1. Love that dress, and love you in it!

  2. You are absolutely adorable. I came across your page when Tess Munster mentioned it on her fan page. I too, struggle with my weight and self image. I am 6' 230lbs, which doesn't sound too bad, and honestly I don't look it (most days) but I have also struggled with my self-image and I think you are absolutely beautiful. I agree with you 110% when you said what you did about plus size clothing. I don't shop in the plus size section or stores, because everything is absolutely hideous and when it isn't? IT'S TOO SHORT! I personally don't want my belly hanging out! I think you should keep your chin up girl! You are gorgeous and you are a real women...