Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What I wore today...

As I get older, I find that my fashion style is changing and ever evolving. I love shopping, both in store and on line and design outfits that I want to wear to express my style and taste. My sweet patient husband would probably tell you I like to shop too much, sometimes I think I don't shop enough, but the key is to find balance.
The balance for me is having clothes that last through several seasons, are affordable, they don't look dated, out of style, or are poorly made. I am a huge fan of the "sales" rack, whether in store or on line. I like to go there first and see what treasures I can find tailored to my budget. Another way is going to a local thrift store. This one took me a little longer to adapt to because by my husband's definition I am a clothes snob. Once I got over my initial prejudice I was astounded at how many plus sized clothes I could find that were name brand and in excellent condition. Once of my new go-to-places to shop that I have mentioned in a previous post is fatshionxchange. A place where you can buy, sell or trade new or gently used clothes and accessories. I thought I would share with you my latest purchase a dress I got from one of the sellers. The dress arrived exactly as promised and it has quickly become one my favourites. 

Dress from Fatshionexhange
Sweater: Addition elle
Pants: Kiyonna
Boots: David Tate

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  1. Adorable!

    Have you tried selling anything on fatshionxchange? I have so many things that I don't wear and cannot bear to discard them. I'm thinking that trying to sell them might be a good idea, but I'm not sure whether it might be more trouble than it is worth.