Sunday, 11 March 2012

These boots are made for walking, that's just what I'll do..if I can find a pair that fit

I love boots, unfortunately the love is not reciprocal. I am challenged to find a pair that fit and are in my price range. These two requirements are rarely met because I have wide calves. 18 inch calves to be exact which is where I have run into difficulty. I live in a very small community so I have turned to the internet and the world of on line shopping to attempt to fill the void in my closet. This has been met with so/so results.  What I have learned is every site has their own definition of what a wide calf boot is. I have made the mistake of ordering  boots that were "wide calf"  that I could not get the zipper up past my ankle. To insure that this does not happen again and to avoid my disappointment, I have learned to properly measure my leg. Many cites include video tutorials to show you how to find a boot that fits. Duo boots  in England have an excellent teaching tool (just remember UK sizing is different)to help you find a proper fit. I did find a pair of the exact boots I wanted at Torrid in their clearance. I ordered them, but had a terrible time getting the zipper done up by myself  (cue sweet husband yanking up the zipper) every time I wanted to wear them. Once on, they felt great but it also mean't they stayed on all night.Then the worst thing happened, I broke the heal. I tried to find another pair but either the boots were too much or the shipping was 3 times the cost of the boot (don't get me started on the duty). Then a friend suggested that I just get them repaired. Not only was the cost of the repair cheaper then ordering new ones, they were able to add an inch to the zipper area and I gained my independence doing up my own boots.  If you have a pair of boots that are maybe a little tight or need of minor repairs, try having them fixed before throwing them away. If you know of any other online stores that might have reasonably priced boots (that ship to Canada) please leave a comment. My closet always has room for one more pair!

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  1. Are there any online stores that will actually custom design boots? My calf is even bigger than yours. I love boots... but always from a distance. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be most appreciative!