Sunday, 25 March 2012

Eddy and Bri..totally understands me!

I have been accused of being frugal..okay the word that was used was cheap. I have 3 children, all boys who are either growing, eating or doing both simultaneously! I need to find clothing bargains whenever possible. I have to admit what orignially attracted me to Eddy and Bri, was the promise of affordable fashion without having to sacrifice quality. They have nothing on the site over 100 dollars! According to their own mission statement, they want "plus sized women to be fashionable and feel good about what they are wearing". I believe they have accomplished their goal. They sell new and resale clothing. I was able to get an Ashley Stewart tank and an Old Navy Sweater for a combined total of 18 dollars! Both arrived exactly as promised! What really made me a believer was their customer service. The site offered a flat rate of 15 dollars for international shipping. When I paid, I was actually charged 16 dollars. When I pointed that out to their customer service department, thinking they just had not updated the site recently, they apologized and then refunded me the dollar difference. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that they want their customers to walk away from the shopping experience happy. I thought that I would include some of their fashions but go and check it out for yourself!

Terry Wrap Cardigan

Neon Colorblock Shirt

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