Sunday, 8 April 2012

You are good enough!

Someone asked me why I don't just do a blog about fashion for the plus sized woman. My answer is there are many wonderful bloggers who's focus is on the aspect, but for me it is more important that women learn how to love and accept their bodies the way they are. I have several plus sized women friends who dress in impeccably stylish up to date fashions but still diminish their worth by saying terrible demeaning comments, slowly eroding their self value. Why do we do this to ourselves? Our value is not wrapped up in our weight. Our value should be judged by our actions, how we treat others in this world, what we do to make it a better place..NOT if we are a size 10! I spent far too many years hating myself because of a number on a scale or  the label on my clothes. I don't want another woman to waste that kind of time. I want you to have your epiphany today, NOW! I want you to embrace yourself and everything that goes into making you fabulous. If you need help finding your way, ask for help. I will be happy to be your support, your friend to find the way to positive body imagery. If you have found your way, help out other women by stopping them from expressing self hate.
To quote Confucius : "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it". Find this beauty in you.

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  1. I need to learn to quiet my mind. Thank you for your brilliant words. As always, fabulous post!