Friday, 7 September 2012

Sexy is an adjective, not a size! Where to find Plus Size Lingerie to fit your form!

I recently engaged in debate (argument) that a plus sized woman can be sensual and if so inclined, can wear some sexy lingerie that expresses her thoughts and maybe her wants. The person (closed minded and shallow) felt that wearing revealing garments was best left to younger (thinner) women.  Admittedly  this is an opinion that a lot of plus sized women express, that they are too fat to wear anything revealing. This is were I disagree. I feel that a woman of any size can wear a beautiful piece of lingerie if she feels comfortable in her own skin and is  accepting of herself the way she is.   Wearing a beautiful matching bra and pantie set, or maybe rocking out the g-string, can be something you do just for you, that helps boost your confidence. No one needs to know but you!  A few weeks ago I was approached by  Plus Size Lingerie Boutique to review an item from their site. I agreed to do so, but only if I was allowed complete honesty. To be clear, I was not paid to review the item, my goal was to find another place for plus sized women to get their sexy on! And get my sexy on is what I did.  They offer a wide range of choices, prices and styles to fit anyone's budget. You can choose something that is romantic or embrace your naughty side with some liquid leather and peek a boo bra! Best of all is the range of sizes. From 1x-6x in some items.  I choose to review the Executive Sweet Babydoll. The material is microfiber (best to hand wash no dryer)and has some lovely ruffle details. I like that the straps were adjustable. The little panties that came with it also had the ruffle detail and were surprisingly comfortable. I was most appreciative that it was not a thong because that would be out of my comfort level. My only complaint is that  I ordered the 3x-4x,which is my usual size, but found that it was actually a little to big for me.   What you cannot see in this picture is the provocative slit in the back, gives a little glance at the panties!               Overall, I was quite impressed.

Executive Sweet Babydoll

Check out the site for yourself and explore your options, perhaps unleash your inner goddess or keep her hidden until you want to share!

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