Monday, 16 July 2012

50 Shades of Impossible

For awhile I have not been able to write anything. Life derailed my progress, but I am back on track and ready to take on the world (cue inspirational music!) The worst was no internet for almost a week. After talking the children down and explaining what life was before we had internet,( my son asking how I raise my pet dinosaur), the repair man came. He was raised to god like status, high fived and kissed by one an all and we are back in cyber space. During my brief intermission from blogging I had the opportunity to read
50 Shades of Grey, all 3 books.

Now if you are not familiar with these books I will quickly surmise the premise for you. 
Young woman, meets rich damaged controlling man, they engage in "kinky fuckery" in an attempt for young woman to fix rich man's inner demons through bondage and live happily ever after. 
If you have figured out I am not a big fan of the books, not just because of the unrealistic dialogue or the fact that the male "hero" can have sex multiple times in a row without needing a nap, it's what I find to be the underlying message. "I want to be with you, but you need to change and conform to my idealized standards of what a woman should be". For instance in the book the male character is always making demands on the female character from what she wears, to whom her friends are to even what and when she should eat because she is too thin.  I for one never desire to have anyone control me that way no matter how attractive or rich they are. I think that being a woman (not just a curvaceous plus sized woman), society already tries conform to an image that I am not comfortable with and these books bring up these feelings in me.  I would like to see a series of book where the woman is powerful and the guy is spending his time biting his lip in anticipation

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