Monday, 21 May 2012

Boudoir Beauty...or Releasing the Inner Goddess

Have you ever been curious about experiencing the boudoir photo shoot and maybe secretly wanted to explore your inner goddess? Have you let those negative, self deprecating thoughts enter your head and think "Oh my goodness, I could never to do that, I am too fat". Me too! I hate having my picture taken, let alone stripping down to some sexy lingerie and posing for provocative pictures. When I started my metamorphosis to body acceptance, I started to experience a shift in my world of negativity, and decided to take some risks. I decided do to the boudoir photo shoot. I channeled my inner Tess Munster and booked an appointment to release my inner vixen onto film. I thought I would share with you what I learned about the whole process and then share some pictures (please be kind) of the the photo shoot.
  • Meet with the photographer first. See if this person is someone you feel comfortable seeing you in lingerie. Discuss the kind of shots you are willing to do and maybe body parts that you would like minimized. I was lucky to work with Carina at Breathless Photography. She met with me before hand to discuss everything that was involved and what my expectations were. The day of the shoot, she made the experience enjoyable, dare I say fun, and most important LIBERATING!!!
  • Wear something you want to see in pictures! Whether it is something you have hiding in a drawer waiting for that special occasion, or you order something new, maybe from Hips and Curves, which is what I did. The clothes definitely helped raise the sexy factor.
  • If hair and make up are not your thing (I am definitely challenged in these areas) get your styling done by a professional who know what works well in pictures. If money is tight, try looking up tutorials on youtube that teach how to create a smokey eye for dramatic effect or head down to your local beauty school where they often have discounted prices for hair styling.
  • Most important DO THIS FOR YOU AND HAVE FUN! I did not do these pictures for my husband (he appreciated them), I did them for me, as a celebration of my body and how far I have come to accept myself just the way I am. 

All pictures were taken by Breathless Photography